Chef Nutcha Phanthoupheng created this Taste of Baan Lao menu to provide a tantalizing taste from both of her Signature Dinner Experience menus.

This Taste of Baan Lao menu offers some of the most popular items from her first Signature Dinner Experience menu, “Journey Throughout The Kingdom of Thailand”, including her Phat Thai and her Bplaa Salmon Sauce Khaaio Waan.

Also included are select items from her new Signature Dinner Experience menu, “From The Fields of Thailand To The Shores of Canada”, a culinary experience that chronicles Chef Nutcha’s life journey from growing up in rural Thailand, to building her life in Steveston, on the coast of British Columbia.

Reservations available Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday
Seatings at 5:00, 6:30, 7:30


Nam Phrik Makuea Tate Khao Kriap

Rice Cracker with Tomato Thai Chilli


Organic Hom Mali Jasmine Rice from our Baan Lao rice fields in Thailand is used to make our home-made rice crackers. The rice is cooked, then dehydrated for 16+ hours, before being deep-fried in organic sunflower oil to create crispy, delicious crackers.

Each cracker is topped with organic, crushed cherry tomatoes, roasted garlic, freshly squeezed lime juice, cilantro and zesty red rings of chilli pepper.

Nestled on top, in a tiny field of fresh dill and edible flowers from our Baan Lao garden, rests a hand-roasted, wild, organic insect, ranging from grasshopper, cricket, silk worm larvae or forest scorpion.

Growing up in rural Thailand, hand-roasted insects were a regular source of protein for Chef Nutcha and her family.

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Yum Sohm Oh Kung Lai Seuua

Pomelo Salad with Tiger Prawn


Fresh, juicy pomelo from Chef’s homeland is tossed with wild anchovy sauce, organic coconut sugar, lime juice, red onions, bell pepper, lemongrass, kaffir lime, and fresh chillies to create this exquisite salad.

Wild sockeye salmon caviar from Organic Ocean and edible flowers add decadence and beauty to this garden of flavours. Fresh organic coconut flakes, deep fried organic garlic, and raw wild jungle peanuts are hand-roasted at Baan Lao to add a tasty crunch and texture for the finish

Nuea Yang Jim Jaeow

Grilled Organic Beef Tenderloin with Thai Chilli


Sumas Mountain’s organic beef tenderloin is marinated for 24 hours, then grilled for a hint of smokiness. Paper-thin slices of fresh cucumber, along with cilantro, shallots, and grapes create a fresh layer of flavour. Raw glutinous rice from Chef Nutcha’s family farm is crushed using a mortar and pestle, then hand-roasted before being sprinkled on top, along with an organic mint garnish.

A dressing of wild anchovy sauce, palm sugar and lime juice tingles the tastebuds

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Nam Ta Khrai Bai Toei Un Chan Ma Nao

Lemongrass, Pandan, Butterfly Peas


This azure blue elixir is made each day using fresh butterfly peas, pandan and lemongrass.

In a playful nod to Chef Nutcha Phanthoupheng’s previous career as a nurse, a syringe filled with freshly squeezed lime juice is provided for you to inject into the drink. Watch closely as the colour transitions to a stunning violet hue.

Tip: Immerse the tip of the syringe before releasing the plunger to achieve the most vibrant tones.

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019


Phat Thai Kung Lai Seua

Mangrove Black Tiger Prawn Phat Thai


Phat Thai is one of the most well-known Thai dishes, and is often served as street food in Thailand. Chef Nutcha has been preparing this dish since she was a child. And at Baan Lao, she has perfected her recipe, putting it over the top with her carefully curated selection of herbs, seasonings, hand-pressed fresh tamarind and fresh tiger prawn.

Back by popular demand, this is one of the most talked about and photographed dishes from our first Baan Lao menu, with many guests begging for it to be continued. Chef Nutcha obliged!

Bplaa Salmon Sauce Khaaio Waan, Khaao Haaw Mali

Wild Sockeye Salmon Green Curry, Organic Jasmine and Riceberry Rice


The signature dish at Baan Lao features wild sockeye salmon fillet, marinated for twenty four hours with organic, extra virgin olive oil, lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves. It is then cooked slowly and gently ‘sous vide’, before being charcoal grilled to enhance the natural flavours and topped with fresh organic herbs grown by Nutrigreens organic farm in Abbotsford. 

Decadently adorned with OceanWise Acadian Caviar, this salmon dish is like no other. Fresh and natural, green caviar also reveals delicate hues of red, purple, and black. Adding a final touch of opulence is Manetti edible 23k Italian gold leaf. The burst of caviar eggs and the glint of gold will please your palate and eyes.

Served surrounded with green curry sauce and basil crumbs, each bite is a sumptuous parade of flavours.

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Kra Jiab Sorbet

Roselle Sorbet


Hibiscus Roselle tea is brewed in-house, then blended with freshly squeezed lime juice and organic coconut sugar, creating this fresh sorbet to freshen your palate following the feast of flavours.

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Khaao Niaa Ma Muaang, Ice Cream Gathi and Woon Gathi

ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง ไอศกรีมกะทิ และวุ้นกะทิ

Sticky rice is a staple in Thai cooking, especially when making desserts. Our coconut glutinous rice is prepared with coconut milk and topped with a rosette hand-carved from fresh mango.

Homemade coconut milk ice cream and ‘woon gathi’, a coconut milk jelly, help create this decadent dessert display.

Phon La Mai Luk Chup

Seasonal Fruits and Luk Chup


To complete your Thai culinary journey, enjoy a serving of seasonal, fresh, hand-carved fruit, and luk chup.
Luk chup has a similar taste to marzipan, though it is made using mung bean paste and beautifully hand-crafted into the shape of fruits and vegetables.

Cha Mint

Mint Tea


Fresh, organic mint is handpicked from our indoor garden, then steeped in hot water to provide the perfect aromatic finish, aiding digestion and leaving your taste buds refreshed.

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A Taste of Baan Lao 175 per person

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Tea Pairings +60pp

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Wine pairings are carefully curated by our award-winning Master Sommelier, Pier-Alexis Soulière.

Tea pairings are selected by our Certified Tea Sommelier, Emmanuelle Viennois

Please inform us if you have any dietary restrictions at least five days in advance.

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019