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Nine Course Dinner Menu

Our Baan Lao Fine Dining Dinner Experience features an exquisite nine course tasting menu that will transport you on a culinary adventure through Thailand. Each delectable dish draws on Chef Nutcha’s family recipes, her travels throughout Thailand visiting an array of the top restaurants, and her intensive study with various Michelin-starred chefs.

Exclusively available during the dinner service, your entire party will delight in the cascade of scents and flavours of this beautiful nine-course journey featuring 13 delectable dishes. It’s a feast for your eyes, nose and mouth.

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Amuse Bouche

Maa Haaw – ม้าฮ่อ

To begin your Thai adventure, we welcome you with stir-fried minced pork, infused with a profusion of Thai herbs,

a delicate hint of chili, and elegantly served atop fresh pineapple.

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Thoong Thaawng – ถุงทอง

Known as Thai “money bags”, this traditional appetizer is served to wish our guests prosperity, money and gold.

Each deep-fried spring roll bag is stuffed with a blend of minced pork and prawns, a hint of fresh herbs, and tied with fresh chive.

Som Tam – ส้มตำ

Fresh green papaya is julienned, then tossed with a zesty lime dressing.

A mortar and pestle is used to crush chilli, garlic and tomato to form the flavourful sauce.

It’s an explosion of sweet, salty, spicy and sour in each bite. 

Yum Neuua – ยำเนื้อ

This delicious salad features Sumas Mountain organic sirloin beef, delicately grilled,

then festooned with tangy blend of fresh herbs, garnished with grapes and a sprig of fresh mint.

Naam Dta Khrai Baitoey – น้ำตะไคร้ใบเตย

Recognized in Thailand as a medicinal elixir, our version combines fresh, aromatic lemongrass and pandan juices.

A plant found throughout Thailand, pandan has a naturally sweet, grassy taste, with hints of vanilla, almond and a touch of rose.

This is the perfect palate cleanser before diving into our main course dishes.

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Main Dishes

Phat Thai Goong – ผัดไทยกุ้ง

Phat Thai, is one of the most well-known Thai dishes, and is often served as street food in Thailand.

Chef Nutcha has been preparing this dish since she was a child.

At Baan Lao, she has perfected her recipe, putting it over the top with her carefully curated selection of

herbs, seasonings, freshly pressed tamarind and fresh tiger prawns.

Tom Yum Goong Laai Seuua – ต้มยำกุ้งลายเสือ

This classic spicy soup is bursting with flavour, featuring fresh lemongrass and and aromatic Thai spices.

Served hot, the soup is topped with fresh tiger prawns. 

Bpet Yang Sauce Gaaeng Phet – เป็ดย่างซอสแกงเผ็ด

Fresh organic, free range duck from our friends at Sumas Mountain Organic Farm in the Fraser Valley

is prepared ‘sous vide’, preserving the succulent flavour.

It is then lightly grilled and topped with an herb crust.

Served with our home-made red curry and basil sauce, fresh pineapple and tomato.

Thai Hom Mali Rice & Riceberry Rice –  ข้าวหอมมะลิและข้าวไรเบอร์รี่ออแกร์นิค

Side dishes of two styles of organic rice are served as an accompaniment to your meal.

Riceberry rice is lauded for it’s deep purple colour and recognized for its health benefits.

Thai Hom Mali rice, also known as Thai jasmine rice, infuses a soft, fragrant, perfumed flavour to your meal.

Bplaa Salmon Sauce Khaaio Waan – ปลาซอลม่อนซอสเขียวหวาน

The signature dish at Baan Lao features wild sockeye salmon fillet,

delicately charcoal-grilled to enhance the natural flavour, and topped

with a crust of fresh, organic herbs grown by our friends at Nutrigreens farm in Abbotsford.

Decadently adorned with OceanWise Acadian Caviar, this salmon dish is like no other.

Fresh and natural, the green caviar also reveals delicate hues of red, purple and black.

Adding a final touch of opulence is a Manetti edible 23k Italian gold leaf.

The burst of caviar eggs and the glint of the gold leaf will please your palate and eyes.  

Served surrounded with green curry sauce and basil crumbs,

each bite is a sumptuous parade of flavours.

Sorbet Manaao – ซอเบทมะนาว

Light and refreshing, our homemade lime sorbet helps freshen your taste buds in preparation for dessert.

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Khaao Niaao Ma Muaang, Ice Cream Gathi & Woon Gathi – ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วงไอศกรีมกะทิและวุ้นกะทิ

Sticky, glutinous rice is a staple in Thai cooking, especially when making desserts.

Our coconut sticky rice is made with fresh coconut, pressed on site at Baan Lao, and served with mango,

coconut milk ice cream and ‘woon gathi’, a coconut milk jelly.

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To Finish

Phohn La Maai, Luuk Choop & Chaa Mint – ผลไม้ลูกชุบกับชามิ้นท์

To complete your Thai culinary journey, enjoy a serving of seasonal fresh fruit, and luuk choop.

Luuk choop is similar to marzipan, though it is made using mung bean paste, then beautifully hand-crafted into the shape of fruits and vegetables.

Fresh, organic peppermint tea is the perfect aromatic finish, leaving your taste buds refreshed.

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Our Baan Lao fine dining dinner menu is

$190 per person

$260 per person when served with our carefully curated wine pairings

Available by reservation only

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